Bodycraft Jones Platinum with Active Balance Bar

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Construction 11 Gauge steel
Dimensions 84.5″ wide x 54″ deep x 83.5″ High – With Optional FBT 84.5″ wide x 74″ deep x 83.5″ High
Active Balance Bar Starting weight is 55 pounds. Weight capacity is 1000 pounds.
Movement All moving parts glide smoothly on industrial grade LM25 linear bearings and solid hardened steel guide rods.
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Bodycraft Jones Platinum with Active Balance Bar

The Jones Platinum with Full Body Trainer Option was designed to move with the natural movements of the human body. The machine follows the movements of your body as opposed to your body following the confined movements of the machine.
The Jones Platinum offers a series of patented barbells which have the ability to move forward, backward, up, and down. When equipped with our patented Active Balance Bar, the Jones Platinum offers the user a near free-weight training experience by forcing the user to balance the barbell just like a free-weight bar all while allowing the user to safely rack the barbell at any time during their training. The Jones Platinum can also lock into place which allows the user to move the barbell in an up and down motion only. This provides the user with a very stable training system, suitable for injury rehabilitation and users new to strength training.