Hoist Mi7 Smith Functional Training System

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Hoist Mi7 Smith Functional Training System

From the decades-long strength industry leader whose products can be found in health clubs and homes around the world, comes the next big innovation in strength training. The HOIST Mi7Smith Functional Training System is a completely innovative home gym from the new line of MiHOIST Functional Training Systems. The Mi7Smith maximizes space by combining the MiSmith Dual Action Smith with the Mi7 Functional Trainer with a walk-through design to deliver a sleek and efficient home gym unlike any other. With patented technology, the Mi7Smith is engineered to provide a wide variety of features to maximize your exercise options. On one side of the Mi7Smith, the MiSmith Dual Action Smith features revolutionary patented technology that produces a simultaneous horizontal and vertical bar movement, providing the benefits of freeweight training with added safety and stability. Walk through to the other side of the Mi7Smith and the Mi7 Functional Training System features dual Silent Steel® weight stacks with 360 degree rotating columns for complete free range of motion. Patented Flip n Grip® grips offer five pull-up/dip variations and patent-pending Flip n Dip® grips offer both narrow and wide dips.