TRX Suspension Trainer DVD – TRX Performance: Team Sports

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TRX Performance: Team Sports DVD includes:

  • 60 min. real-time workout
  • Dynamic warm-up & cool down routines
  • 20 min. speed + agility drills
  • Complete setup + usage
  • DVD Running time: 110 minutes
  • Suitable for Fitness Level: Beginner to Advanced


TRX Performance: Team Sports Exercise Guide includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Photos of each exercise
  • Expert tips + Techniques – Full color, Laminated
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TRX Suspension Training DVD – TRX Performance: Team Sports
Elite strength and speed-training coach Todd Durkin is ready to get you moving. Are you ready? He’s helped top NFL and College players take their athletic performance to the next level. Todd will take you through a proven, cutting-edge routine that combines TRX Suspension Trainer™ exercises and super-intense speed and agility drills. You’ll learn how to really give your all and surpass your previous best levels of performance and endurance.