TRX Suspension Trainer Pro Pack

Call for Price

Highlights of the TRX Pro Pack include:

  • The upgraded TRX P2 model features all new modular anchoring interface for faster set-up and take-down
  • The 65-minute Basic Training DVD
  • Full-color 35 page Workout Guide featuring our latest exercise programming and instruction to help user’s of all levels maximize their workouts.
  • 2 in-box bonus workouts: TRX Endurance Circuit and TRX Metabolic Blast will take your fitness to a higher level.
  • Green packaging! We’ve eliminated all PVC plastic and the packaging is completely recyclable made from 100% post-consumer content.
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TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack
Introducing the TRX Suspension Training® Pro Pack. Where best in class fitness meets a brand new technology.
The TRX Suspension Training® Pro Pack comes loaded with the TRX P2 Suspension Trainer and 3-times more exercise content than before.